Available in Quebec: 2 litres 1 & 2%, 1 litre 2%
Available in Ontario: 2 litres 1 & 2%

Montreal, October 3, 2006 - Dairy industry leader Agropur is once again in the vanguard with Natrel Pro, the very first milk containing two active probiotic bacteria to be offered, as of today, in Quebec and Ontario leading supermarkets. With the familiar fresh taste of milk, Natrel Pro is a new way for families to improve their diets and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Entirely natural, the probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium Lactis BB12 and Lb IMMUNI-T (also known as Lactobacilius rhamnosus) contained in all-new Natrel Pro have scientifically proven health benefits. When consumed on a daily basis, these bacteria help maintain optimal intestinal flora, hence reinforcing the body's immune system and promoting digestion.

"The added value of probiotics is increasingly recognized in food and nutrition circles, says nutritionist Marthe Côté-Brouillette. As they pass through the intestine, these good bacteria occupy all available space, crowding out harmful bacteria. By protecting the body against several types of these bacteria, Natrel Pro helps improve overall health."

Since the digestive process eliminates many of the bacteria, both good and bad, that transit in the gastrointestinal tract, probiotics must be consumed in sufficient quantities for their benefits to be felt. One glass (250 ml) of Natrel Pro contains one billion good bacteria, the minimum quantity necessary to positively impact the health. "Probiotics survive only a few days in the intestine, explains Marthe Côté-Brouillette. It is therefore essential to consume them every day in order to replenish them and keep them working, especially since you can never have too many probiotics."

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