One of Agropur's priorities is delivering products that reflect the latest tastes and trends. Another is to make quality products that fulfill its criteria for freshness, authenticity and healthy eating. Making these products more accessible and inviting, promoting their versatility, and generating excitement through innovation - these are Agropur's challenges.



Photo - Baboo

IÖGO is a new and dynamic brand unlike anything out there. A short name with high visual impact that is instantly recognizable. The two dots suggest something different, something new, something to be discovered.
7 different product lines
Carefully developed to meet the needs and tastes of every Canadian.
Natural goodness
All IÖGO products are gelatine free with no artificial colours or flavours.
And...40 flavours to love


Photo - Baboo

Natrel helps little ones to grow big! Agropur’s Division Natrel is innovating with the introduction of a new category of dairy products for Canadian toddlers marked by the launch of Baboo, which is specially designed for growing children aged 12 to 24 months. In addition to providing numerous nutritional benefits for toddlers, Baboo will allow parents to respond to one of their concerns related to the development of their children at a critical stage of their growth, and at an affordable price. Baboo was designed to resemble breast milk as closely as possible, in order to ensure a gentle transition from breast milk or infant formula to regular milk. From a nutritional perspective, it is halfway between breast milk and regular homogenized milk. It is easy to digest, and is an excellent source of calcium, as well as vitamins A, C, D, E and B6. It also contains Omega-3 DHA. Baboo is available in the practical Tetra Pak, in a 1 L format for home and a 6 x 250 ml format for use
on the go.

Chocolate milk

Photo - Lait au chocolat

Division Natrel continues to innovate, launching the very first dark chocolate milk on the market. This new product, which is intended for dark chocolate lovers, first made its appearance on supermarket shelves in Québec and Ontario in November of 2011. The line also includes Natrel chocolate milk for those who enjoy superior quality healthy snacks. These two delicious, rich and creamy products are available in a 1 L format with 1% milk fat, and contain real chocolate, which gives them an authentic taste. Natrel dark chocolate milk was selected as one of the 10 most innovative products at the most recent Grocery Innovations Canada show.

Spreadable fine cheeses

Photo - Crèmes de Fromages

The Fine Cheese Division launched a brand new line of fine Cream Cheeses in the growing industry sector of spreadable cheeses. This line, which is intended for fine cheese consumers, is available at supermarket deli counters in three different flavours: Champfleury, Brie l’Extra and OKA. In addition to the flavour of their favourite fine cheese being at the top of the ingredient list, connoisseurs will appreciate the practical aspect of these fine Cream Cheeses. They are ideal for spreading on crackers, on baguettes and even on bagels. They can also be used in dips and fondues, and as complements to other ingredients in sauces.

Three new Bries

Photo - Trois nouveaux Bries

In September 2011, the Fine Cheese Division added three double cream varieties of Brie to its prestigious Agropur Signature family of products. In response to the requirements of consumers who are seeking new formats, the FCD created Double Cream Brie Vaudreuil, which is available in 120 g (micro format) and 350 g (medium format) packages, along with Double Cream Brie Gourmet, which is available in an 870 g format, for those who prefer a larger size. Bries have been the favourite cheese in Quebec for many years.
The Agropur Fine Cheese Division is the largest producer of this type of cheese in Canada.

Dyna Moo™ milk

Photo - Dyna Moo™ milk

Dyna Moo™ milk combines the natural nutrition benefits of milk with dynamic packaging graphics most commonly found in the functional/energy/sports drink categories. Dyna Moo™ milk is a single-serve, shelf stable milk. The chocolate version in formulated to provide a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, ideal for helping the body recover after exercising. It is available in 1% Chocolate and 1% White milk.

Convenient Lil Milk

Photo - Convenient Lil Milk

Convenient Lil Milk is 100% real, preservative free milk in a convenient shelf-stable package. Lil Milk contains 9 essential nutrients, the same found in traditional refrigerated milk. Each carton is the same as an 8 oz juice box. It is available in Chocolate, Strawberry and White, in a variety of fat contents: Whole, Reduced, Low and Fat Free. Convenient Lil Milk is the ultimate portable milk product.

Natrel Lactose Free Cream

Photo - Natrel Lactose Free Cream

Natrel Lactose Free cream uses a unique filtration process that removes virtually all lactose. Ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant, they can now enjoy the wholesome fresh taste and other benefits of Natrel's 10% or 35% lactose free cream, on fresh fruits or a hot morning coffee, without experiencing severe discomfort.

Cottage Cheese Plus with added prebiotic fibres

Photo - Cottage Cheese Plus with added prebitotic fibre

First in the BC marketplace to add prebiotic fibre 'inulin' to cottage cheese, providing a high source of fibre that helps stimulate metabolic activity needed to maintain good digestive health. Island Farms' well-defined 'large' curds provide for a more flavourful taste experience compared to other brands with 'mushy' small curds.

Fixed-weight Oka cheeses

Photo - Fixed-weight Oka cheeses

Wheels of OKA L'Artisan and OKA with Mushrooms are also available across Canada in a 225 g fixed-weight packaged serving. Agropur Fine Cheese Division decided to create a new fixed-weight package for these two cheeses which are considered to be genuine gems at the deli counter. This new packaging type preserves the values associated with the OKA brand and the flavour, provides a reasonable storage period, and maintains its well-known product quality

Rondoux – washed rind

Photo - Rondoux – washed rind

This unctuous Rondoux cheese made from cow's milk adds value to the Rondoux Double Cream, Triple Cream and Pur Chèvre soft cheeses family. This is a soft cheese with a washed rind. It is a unique cheese with a creamy texture and an amber-coloured rind, an appealing aroma, and an irresistible fruity taste.

La Segneurie

Photo - La Segneurie

This washed rind cheese with an olive oil finish is ripened for 9 months. It has a mild fruity flavour, with a hint of hazelnut that becomes more pronounced as it ages. Sold by random weight, La Segneurie is a surface ripened firm cheese made from pasteurized milk.

Rivière Rouge

Photo - Rivière Rouge

Sold by random weight, Rivière Rouge is a semi-firm cheese made from pasteurized milk and ripened for 8 months. The wheel is covered in red wax, and the cheese is an ivory colour that turns golden yellow as the product ages. It has a buttery flavour with roasted accents and a creamy texture when consumed.

Allegro 9% light cream cheese spread with antioxidants

Photo - Allegro 9% light cream cheese spread with antioxidants

This tasty vegetable flavoured cream cheese spread contains green tea and rosemary oil extracts, which gives it antioxidant properties, and contains only 9% m.f. Antioxidants play a role in maintaining health and preventing diseases, such as cancer.

Orange Flavoured Chocolate Milk

Photo - Orange Flavoured Chocolate Milk

Classic chocolate milk with a twist of orange. Limited edition product.


Photo - Sorbet

Island Farms introduces a blackcurrant raspberry sorbet. New flavour, new packaging, improved formula.

Vanilla Plus line of yogurt, ice cream, and frozen yogurt

Photo - Vanilla Plus line of yogurt, ice cream, and frozen yogurt

A line of vanilla-based products with an added flavour burst! Once again, a twist to a popular household favourite: vanilla enjoyed as a delicious treat by consumers of all ages.

Cappuccino chocolate milk

Photo - Cappuccino chocolate milk

A twist on traditional chocolate milk by adding coffee flavor to an old favorite. Available on a limited edition basis.


Photo - Krema

Our richest and creamiest 100% natural yogurt, Krema makes a great substitute for ice cream. Taste and texture redefined! Currently available in Western Canada.

Québon Ultra'cream

Photo - Québon Ultra'cream

Astonishingly creamy, our new Québon Ultra’cream 5% dairy blend for cooking is not only lighter, it is also just as thick and rich tasting as 15% cooking cream. You would never think it contains 60% less fat!

YoFit 0% Yogurt

Photo - YoFit 0% Yogurt

YoFit is a stirred yogurt that is sweetened with sucralose, which means no sugar or aspartame. A brand new option for people who are looking for a fat-free, low-calorie yogurt.

Natrel Omega-3 DHA

Photo - Natrel Omega-3 DHA

New Natrel Omega-3 DHA has the same pure, fresh taste and nutrients as all Natrel Milk, and is rich in the essential nutrient, Omega-3 DHA. Only Natrel Omega-3 DHA has 35 mg of DHA, a fatty acid that supports the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves.

For healthy happy kids, choose Natrel Omega-3 DHA dairy beverage.

Natrel Omega-3 DHA with 2% milk fat is available in a 2L carton in the province of Quebec.

Organic spreadable cream cheese

Photo - Organic spreadable cream cheese

Olympic offers Canada's first organic spreadable cream cheese with probiotics. Made with 100% natural Canadian ingredients, Olympic's organic spreadable cream cheese is creamy, smooth and delicious. It's a pleasure that you can spread... By helping to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine, probiotics help to maintain intestinal health and stimulate the immune system.

ProPlus Probiotic Yogurt

Photo - ProPlus Probiotic Yogurt

A probiotic yogurt with added prebiotic fibre that contains only natural ingredients. No preservatives, no artificial flavours and colours, no gelatin, and naturally sweetened with fruit juice - ProPlus is a healthy choice for the discerning consumer. Made in the old-fashioned 'cup set' style, ProPlus delivers flavour the natural way. By helping to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine, probiotics help to maintain intestinal health and stimulate the immune system.

Purdy's super premium line of ice cream

Photo - Purdy's super premium line of ice cream

Based on the signature chocolates of a famous West Coast chocolatier: Purdy's with favorites like Sweet Gorgia Browns, Hedgehog, and Mint Meltie, to name a few.

Classic Asian line of ice cream

Photo - Classic Asian line of ice cream

With flavours like Green Tea, Mango, Coconut, and Melon catering to the authentic Asian palate.

Low-sodium Allégro Ricotta 4%

Photo - Low-sodium Allégro Ricotta 4%

Because eating a healthy diet is important to you, Agropur created Allégro Ricotta 4%, a low-sodium ricotta cheese containing 15% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. In addition, Allégro Ricotta 4% cheese contains only 3% of the maximum sodium intake, 2 g of fat and 60 calories per quarter-cup serving. Perfect to prepare healthy meals without giving up great taste!

Natrel Nature~Pure Filtered Organic Milk

Photo - Natrel Nature~Pure Filtered Organic Milk

Our filtration process removes virtually all bacteria, resulting in pure filtered organic milk that tastes purer and stays fresher for 34 days – almost two weeks longer than regular organic milk.

Oka L'Artisan

Photo - Oka L'Artisan

A tasteful OKA experience: L'Artisan artfully combines the renowned traditional OKA taste with the irresistible flavour and distinct look of a European-style honeycombed cheese. The best of both worlds on your plate!

Organic Probiotic Yogurt

Photo - Organic Probiotic Yogurt

Three new flavours have been added to our family of antioxidant-rich yogurts: acai berry and pomegranate, wolfberry, and green tea and vanilla.

Chocolate Plus ice creams

Photo - Chocolate Plus ice creams

A line of chocolate-based ice creams with added fruits, flavours, swirls, and nuts to give an old flavour a 'lift'. What better way to indulge a classic favorite: chocolate.


Photo - Rondoux – soft cheeses

With its variety of delectably smooth cheeses, the Rondoux line wears its name well. Whether made from goat's milk or from a mixture of cow's milk and cream, these cheeses are unctuous to perfection. Combined with the Agropur Signature family, the exquisite cheeses in every package are yours to discover. It's enough to melt with pleasure!

Oka with mushrooms

Photo - Oka with mushrooms

Following tradition, Oka with mushrooms goes through a ripening process of over 35 days in the original cellars of the Cistercian Abbey located in Oka. Although it possesses the distinct legendary aroma of an Oka, it distinguishes itself by its superb straw-coloured rind that is dotted with mushroom pieces. Oka with mushrooms exquisitely mixes the characteristic flavour of the Oka with that of wild mushrooms and truffles. A refined masterpiece!

Allégro Probio 4%

Photo - Allégro Probio 4%

Agropur's Fine Cheese division also offers Allégro Probio 4%, the very first cheese to contain only 4% fat and two probiotic bacteria. In addition to offering these two good bacteria with beneficial effects on the immune and digestive systems, Allegro Probio 4% is ideal for those concerned about their diet and their weight.


Photo - Champfleury

Champfleury is a washed-rind soft cheese that is pleasing to the palate, with a colourful poppy flowered packaging that is just as pleasing to the eye as it helps to protect the cheese from light.


Photo - Lactis

La Lacteo developed this new product with the texture of yogurts and with the added value of probiotic L Casei. It is presented in bottles of 110 gr. in strawberry and multi-fruits flavor. By helping to restore the balance between good and bad bacteria in the intestine, probiotics help to maintain intestinal health and stimulate the immune system.

Super Drinkable

Photo - Super Drinkable

Drinkable product with the texture and flavor of yogurt, with the addition of Vitamin C, presented in pouches of 1 kg or bottles of 190 gr. in strawberry and multi fruits flavor.

Natrel Pro

Photo - Natrel Pro

Natrel Pro is the first milk ever to be enriched with two active probiotic cultures. The BB-12 (Bifidobacterium Lactis) and Lb IMMUNI-T cultures that are found in the new Natrel Pro are produced naturally by our bodies, and their health benefits have been scientifically proven. These so-called “friendly” cultures help to maintain and strengthen our digestive and immune systems, and stop harmful bacteria from “parking” themselves in our digestive tract.

Natrel Lactose Free Milk

Photo - Natrel Lactose Free

Natrel Lactose Free milk uses a unique filtration process that removes virtually all lactose. Ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant, they can now enjoy the wholesome fresh taste and other benefits of milk without experiencing severe discomfort.


iögo Nomad

Photo - iögo Nomad

New 15-pack of 200 mL bottles offered at Costco locations Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.


Photo - Iögo

Introducing iögo large size pouches!

Fixed-weight Havarti cheeses

Photo - Havarti line of cheeses

The Danesborg Havarti line of cheeses is now part of Agropur's Anco umbrella brand. The Havarti line of cheeses is available in eight delicious flavours and three practical formats – 180 g, 320 g and 480 g – which are easy to open and feature a resealable cover. Havarti is a very versatile cheese which can be consumed on a daily basis in sandwiches, in salads, or as a snack, and can also be included on a cheese plate or served as the final touch for a cheese-based recipe. The appetizing visual also helps consumers locate it more quickly in a deli counter.

Agropur Grand Cheddar

Agropur Grand Cheddar

The Agropur Grand Cheddar and Canadian Reserve brands are joining forces under a single name, Agropur Grand Cheddar. This prestigious brand has also been added to the Agropur Signature family (umbrella brand for Agropur fine cheeses). The Agropur Grand Cheddar line now includes cheeses aged for 1, 2, 3 and 5 years. New logos and packages, exclusive to Canadian consumers, have been created to reflect these changes.

Rondoux – soft cheeses

Photo - Rondoux – soft cheeses

Each cheese from the Rondoux family of products is sold in a small wooden box and wrapped in semi-transparent Agropur Signature wrapping paper that bears the Signature quality seal. Rondoux Washed Rind was the addition to the Rondoux Double Cream, Triple Cream and Pure Goat soft cheeses.

Soft ripened cheeses

Photo - Soft ripened cheeses

Certain soft ripened cheeses sold bearing the Agropur Signature brand have been revamped, with a more attractive packaging. Products which have integrated new look are L'Extra, Vaudreuil and Gourmet.

Chocolate milk carton new package design

Photo - Chocolate milk carton new package design

With a "Get Back in the Game" sports look intended to reinforce research studies recommending chocolate milk as the drink of choice after exercise as it is proven to contain an optimum ratio of carbohydrates and protein needed to refuel tired muscles.

Sliced OKA

Photo - Sliced OKA

Sliced OKA raclette cheese comes in an attractively coloured 140 g resealable package. The cheese is thickly sliced, which makes it ideal for melting.

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