Ensemble, réinventons les produits laitiers

Together Let’s reinvent Dairy!

Montreal, February 8, 2017 – Agropur Cooperative, in partnership with the Quartier de l’innovation de Montréal, AG-Bio Centre and NineSigma, announced today that three submissions have been selected in the first round of the “Together, let’s reinvent dairy!” Inno Challenge. The selected participants are Marc Purcell and Nathalie Miller of Quebec, serial entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about teaming up with a major Canadian cooperative to bring their latest creation to grocery store shelves; Martin Macouzet, Ph.D., an inventor who has been refining a dairy product concept for years; and the Institut de technologie des emballages et du génie alimentaire (ITEGA), which joined forces with the leading communications agency LG2 to develop a project that bridges research, consumer wants and the dairy industry’s needs.

The three selected respondents were chosen after thorough examination of the files by the Inno Challenge jury. In all, 63 respondents from 8 countries submitted cutting-edge ideas. “We were very excited about the number, the diversity and especially the quality of the submissions,” said Robert Coallier, CEO of Agropur. “We congratulate the selected participants and thank all the respondents to our first Inno Challenge. We believe there is incredible potential to reinvent dairy products. We are very eager to work with these creative thinkers to co-develop revolutionary products through open innovation.”

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