The logo's history   (back)

The Cooperative's logo has changed considerably over the years. From a simple signature corresponding to its legal name in 1938, when the Cooperative was known as Société coopérative agricole du canton de Granby, this logo has been gradually revamped, undergoing five other successive changes.

The 1979-2003 version
The logo adopted in 1979 was for 24 years the symbol of Agropur's identity and a major component of its branding. This version, instantly recognizable to a large number of consumers for many years, was given a facelift in 2004 to mark the Cooperative's 65th anniversary.

Today's logo
The essential components of the previous signature have been maintained - in keeping with Agropur's values and mission - but updated. Although the four milk droplets representing production, processing, distribution and consumption remain, the logo itself has been refined and simplified. The distinctive four milk droplets still illustrate Agropur's participation in the four links of the food chain, and reaffirm its cooperative difference.

The colours have been slightly modified. The signature is now dominated by a new dark blue colour, which connects the symbol to the name. The word Agropur, which used to be written in pink, is now in blue. The exclusive use of the pink colour for the consumption droplet expresses with conviction the importance given to the consumer. The pink colour inside the symbol has been retained while adopting a brighter, livelier shade in order to distinguish Agropur from other industry players.

Friendlier and more spontaneous, the typography has been slightly modified to show that the Cooperative embraces the world without changing its personality.