Nature is generous...
Agropur, which for 72 years has displayed cooperative values, mutual aid and growing prosperity, finds it completely natural to help communities. The Cooperative has always faithfully followed its mission of uncovering the full potential of a truly great natural resource - milk - and contributing to economic growth in the industry. Along the way, it has realized a basic truth: Nature is generous and respect nurtures it.

And respect nurtures it
An organization cherished for its community involvement, Agropur wants to give something back to all those who support its activity. Employees are encouraged to do so too. The great cooperative principle of sharing knowledge that guides Agropur's actions promotes the well-being and growth of its human capital by putting their expertise and talents to good use in projects that go beyond the realm of work.

Its involvement promotes well-organized mutual aid networks. One such network, Club des petits déjeuners du Québec, a model that has inspired the WHO, is active in over 225 schools and feeds 15,000 children every day. The OLO Foundation, through 143 OLO representatives working in HSSCs throughout Quebec, offers support to economically disadvantaged pregnant women by providing them with eggs, milk and orange juice. Since its inception, the OLO Foundation has helped give 150,000 babies a fighting chance in life by ensuring they are born in good health.

For over a decade now, Agropur has sat on the Boards of these two organizations and contributed one basic product - milk. In 2008, it provided financial support of $100,000 and $75,000, respectively, to these two organizations.

By championing the cause of better nutrition, health and education for all, these organizations and their partners are helping to break the vicious cycle of poverty and give everyone an equal chance at success in life. Only this will ensure that a universe full of potential opens up for all children and that the adults of tomorrow are full participants in the world around them.


Each year, participating Agropur workplaces play host to its Employee Fund Raising Campaign. From April 1 to September 30, local activities are organized to raise funds for various organizations. The members of each local campaign committee organize a variety of enjoyable fundraising activities for their colleagues to take part in, as well as select the local organization(s) that will benefit from the funds raised.

Agropur contributes $1 for every dollar raised by its employees at each participating workplace. In addition to highlighting the generosity of Agropur employees, the campaign enables employees to participate in social activities in the spirit of friendship and goodwill.

SOCODEVI (Société de coopération pour le développement international) was founded in 1985 by a group of mutualist and cooperative organizations who wanted to share experiences and know-how with southern partners. The primary mission of this organization is to promote the cooperative movement in various economic sectors, particularly agrifood and forestry. The organization lends its support and expertise to many African and Latin American countries.

Agropur has been partnering with SOCODEVI since the organization's founding and has led several missions to Asia, Latin America and Africa. Since early 2006, Agropur has been involved with SOCODEVI in a dairy industry development project (PROCOLE) in Paraguay to promote the development of this country's eight dairy cooperatives. Agropur's contribution involves the improvement of milk quality and the management of good in-plant quality assurance practices, the improvement of marketing and distribution, and lastly the improvement of cooperative management.


Agropur is committed to ensuring the occupational health and safety of all its employees and reminding everyone of their responsibilities regarding health and safety. The purpose is to establish a philosophy of "zero tolerance" for accident risks in order to achieve zero workplace accidents. All of Agropur's divisions and respective departments must work together to achieve this continuing objective.

Agropur recognizes the importance of maintaining a safe, clean work environment by eliminating all hazardous conditions within the workplace and by respecting and complying with the laws and regulations governing occupational health and safety.

Agropur also intends to protect all its employees against accidental injury. It is therefore incumbent upon all employees, at all levels of the organization, to promote health and safety, just as it is incumbent to respect health and safety procedures and regulations. Agropur will favour a prevention-based approach as a tool for effective health and safety management.

Prevention is ensured by the 27 OHS committees that are active within the company and which comprise employees from various departments. These committees often demonstrate creativity in their development of innovative prevention tools adapted to the reality of each Agropur workplace.