The Cooperative of the 21st century

The Cooperative of the 21st century was the theme of a strategic reflection conducted by members on the occasion of Agropur's 60th anniversary in 1998. This reflection came at a time of profound changes at different levels - market globalization, the arrival of major agri-food multinationals, food distribution consolidation and changing consumer expectations. In the face of growing challenges, members were asked to identify innovative strategies to ensure the continued growth of their Cooperative into the future.

Innovative strategies

  1. Maintaining the cooperative status
  2. Expanding partnership across Canada
  3. Canada's milk system
    • Increased flexibility
    • Participation in the decision-making process
    • User-supplier relationship
  4. Development
    • Canada-wide
    • Outside Canada
    • Partnerships with other cooperatives
    • Added-value products
    • Profitability
  5. Financing
    • By members first
    • Outside financing
    • Voting rights to members only
    • Holding majority interest in the subsidiaries