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The iÖGO brand was launched in 2012 and has made its mark with a line of yogurts that are free of gelatin, artificial colours and artificial flavours. It satisfies customers who are looking for authentic flavours, simple ingredients and products developed and produced in Canada.


According to the spring 2017 AC Nielsen survey, iÖGO is the leading brand for young children and the go-to brand for millennials.

iÖGO is constantly innovating and regularly introduces new products. Recent additions to the iÖGO family include Nanö fruit-and-vegetable combos, iÖGO Protein and iÖGO Creamy lactose-free.

Having met the challenge of reinventing yogurt, iÖGO is now growing twice as fast as the market. The reason for the growth spurt has nothing to do with iÖGO’s age and everything to do with its boldness and inventiveness.

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AC Nielsen (Study)

Yogurt brand for early childhood