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Send a letter to your local MP to safeguard supply management

Famille gestion de l'offre

Agropur believes in the importance of supply management, now more than ever. Please visit our new microsite and support our Canadian dairy sector by sending a letter, pre-prepared for you, to your local Member of Parliament.

Why has Agropur launched this microsite?

To protect supply management from political pressure exerted on the Canadian government to dismantle the system.

Why is the microsite launching now?

Canada is renegotiating NAFTA with the U.S. and Mexico. The U.S. government is asking Canada to dismantle supply management. Trade negotiators from the three countries are meeting daily at the moment to try and reach a deal before mid-May 2018. The time to act is now to safeguard supply management.

What is on the microsite?

The microsite contains factual and up to date information on the benefits of supply management for Canada and Canadians. Most importantly, it includes an email tool that allows you to send a pre-prepared letter to your local Member of Parliament that calls on your elected official to ensure that supply management is here to stay!

How do I use the email tool on the microsite?

Please visit and click on the icon on the top right of the screen that reads - Contact your MP. This will bring you to a section of the site where all you need to do is fill in your:

  • Address details, in order to identify your local MP, and your;
  • Contact details, which are protected by our privacy policy.

Then press Send to act in defence of supply management.

Will my action have an impact?

Members of Parliament are elected to defend the interests of those who live in their riding. By asking your local MP to act on your behalf to ensure that the Canadian government does not trade away supply management, you are making a difference for you and those in your community.