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Bakigen® Bakery Ingredients

Bakigen® bakery ingredients are a collection of expertly formulated ingredients for the bakery industry

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  • Liquid whole egg alternatives
  • Powdered whole egg & egg white replacers
  • Nonfat dry milk alternatives
  • Donut ingredients
  • Complete baking mixes
  • Whole milk alternative
  • Gluten-free flour

Agropur Ingredients offers state-of-the-art ingredient technologies to assure product integrity and quality, while containing costs and assuring optimized profitability.

Bakigen® bakery ingredients provide food processors with dependable solutions that help to minimize high ingredients costs such as dairy, soy, and eggs and at the same time deliver unbeatable performance and structure.


  • Decrease moisture losses during baking
  • Reduce carbohydrates
  • Contribute to structure
  • Enhance crispy texture
  • Act as emulsifiers
  • Provide a more even and tender crumb structure than eggs
  • Increase batter viscosity
  • Control water ice crystal size in frozen baked products
  • Have fat replacement properties
  • Enhance browning in cakes and muffins

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Bakigen® CarbCut Gluten-Free Flour

Bakigen® CarbCut gluten-free flour was formulated to reduce carbohydrates and increase proteins in all baking applications. Substitute this highly effective gluten-free flour in your existing formulation for net carbohydrate reduction and a protein boost.


  • 60% (or greater) net carb reduction compared to flour & gluten-free flour blends
  • Good source of protein
  • Good source of fiber
  • Neutral color & flavor
  • All natural ingredients

Processing Recommendations

  • Best in low ratio sugar applications
  • 1:1 replacement in standard gluten-free formulas
  • Expect slight liquid modification in wheat-based flour formulas

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