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Darigen® Select Specialty Powders

Darigen® select specialty powders are specially created for your target markets – to hit hot trends – and deliver impeccable quality.

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  • Soup bases
  • Non-dairy creamer bases
  • Comprehensive dairy beverage blends
  • Vegan formulations
  • Frozen dessert dairy powders
  • Meat binders
  • Complete dessert mixes
  • Whole and skim milk replacers

Our Darigen® customized ingredient solutions are formulated to meet specific applications. Supported by an energetic and talented technical group, our food scientists assist our customers in almost all food processing formulation. Whether it is problem-solving or product optimization using our Innovation lab and pilot plant, we can be your essential ingredient.

Darigen® select specialty powders are numbered by application as follows:

  • 1000 Series: Dairy blends
  • 2000 Series: Meet application blends (Binders)
  • 3000 Series: Soups, sauces and gravy applications
  • 5000 Series: Dessert solids blends
  • 6000 Series: Export blends
  • 7000 Series: Chocolate milk bases
  • 8000 Series: Non-dairy creamer bases (flavored & unflavored)
  • 9000 Series: Complete mixes

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