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Supply Chain Support

Forecasting & Inventory Management

  • Floor stock programs. Historical transactions allow us to create floor stock programs for our customers to ensure product availability, inventory trends, and optimal shelf-life.
  • Forecasting programs. Products may also be produced based on our forecasting tool. This tool will allow for optimal remaining shelf-life when the products reach customers. We provide transparency with our forecasted numbers giving customers the final approval.
  • Warehouse management. Warehousing options are available throughout the US to aid in shipping costs and efficiencies. We can manage customer inventory and transportation of items for any of our warehousing options.
  • Analytics. We can supply our customer’s with KPI’s tracking inventory levels and product aging summaries. We can also track and manage safety stock items for our customers’ raw materials.

Freight Management

  • Freight to our customers
    • Truckload, LTL, and parcel shipment options are all available.
    • Our transportation management system allows us to provide competitive shipping rates and on time delivery.
  • Freight to your customers
    • We can use our transportation management system to send shipments directly to your customers; saving money in both shipments and storage, as well as time.
  • Scheduling efficiently
  • Customer specific requirements

Distribution & Fulfillment

  • Single or multiple units to customer/retailer
  • Full or mixed cases to customer/retailer
  • Mixed pallets to general retailer
  • Cost savings
    • Reduced freight charges
    • Competitive and flexible service agreements
    • The ability to run more volume and take advantage of floor stock options
  • Dedicated support staff
  • Pick and pack services

Supply Chain Consulting

  • Cost modeling. Cost modeling allows our customer visibility on the cost of warehouse space and potential savings over time. We can also contract with our customers to lock in pricing over a set period of time and use the futures markets in hedging services.
  • Run size/MOQ modeling. Our MOQ modeling provides our customers with the optimal product run size to meet their needs in product availability and cost efficiencies. This system also takes into account the cost of warehousing excess inventory.
  • Ingredients sourcing. Agropur Ingredients uses our position as a leading manufacturer to source raw materials and packaging for our customers. Our strong buying position can often lead to cost savings as well as ensure raw material and packaging availability and high quality materials.
  • Troubleshooting. Agropur Ingredients can help customers with Supply Chain troubleshooting issues including; determining run size for cost efficiency, materials sourcing, benchmark, logistics, warehousing, and e-commerce distribution.

Risk Management

  • Efficiencies and costs. Agropur is constantly monitoring manufacturing efficiencies and costs to minimize customer risk and maximize customer product satisfaction.
  • Our finance and supply chain teams work together to maximize efficiency by balancing inventory levels and production run sizes to create the most value to our customers by minimizing controllable costs
  • In conjunction with the customer end-customer data, we work with the customer’s supply chain team to reduce stock out risk and increase inventory velocity to decrease the inventory cost and increase sales.