Corporate Profile

Each waking day, Agropur cooperative responds to the call of some 3,345 dairy farmers who rely on this organization, which they jointly own, to enhance the fruit of their labour. More than 5.9 billion litres of milk are processed annually in 39 plants spread throughout North America.

Generating nearly $6.0 billion in sales, the resulting products grace the tables of thousands of consumers from coast to coast. But before these products reach their tables, more than 8,000 employees and many contract agents assigned to milk collection and distribution combine their efforts and expertise to ensure that the final product meets all expectations.

A major player in the Canadian dairy industry

  • 3,345 member dairy farmers
  • More than 5.9 billion litres of milk processed annually
  • More than 8,000 employees
  • 39 plants
  • Nearly $6.0 billion in sales