Well-established among the front runners of the Canadian dairy industry, Agropur draws its strength from solidarity. Its 3,473 member dairy producers form the main links of an impressive network, that extends into 10 regions throughout Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador. Sustained by a team of approximately 700 facilitators and nine cooperative advisors, this network allows Agropur to sound out its environment on a daily basis.


3,473 members
Status: owners
1 member = 1 vote


  • Facilitators (1 per 5 members)
  • Promote the mutual exchange of information between members and management
  • Set up in 1949
  • Coordinated by the Solidarity Committee


  • 12 directors elected by the delegates at the general meeting for a 3-year mandate
  • 3 guest members of the Board of Directors
  • 357 delegates (1 per 10 members) elected by the members at the regional meetings


  • Facilitators
  • Inter.Com newsletter
  • Inter.Com Express
  • Extranet for members
  • Cooperative advisors
  • Local meetings


  • Young Cooperative Leaders
  • New members
  • Milking practices improvement courses
The strength of communication
Members 3,473
Facilitators 355
Facilitators-delegates 357
Young facilitators 111
Young Cooperative Leaders Program - Level 1 16
Young Cooperative Leaders Program - Level 2 10
Administrative regions 10
Fiscal 2014
Meetings of the Board of Directors 12
Meetings of the Solidarity Committee1 5
Members and Facilitators' meetings2 45
Annual meeting 1
Regional meetings3 29
Annual general and special meeting 1

1Focus: associative life.
2Held regionally (April, September). Include a semi-annual summer meeting (June) for all facilitators.
3Sometimes more than one meeting in larger regions.