Human values. Added values. Sure values. Professional values.

Human values... Our success is based on our employees and on sincere and enriching human relations. Respect, honesty, integrity, team work, and cooperation.

Sure values... Our actions are based on preserving the health of our co-workers and our environment. Occupational health and safety and environmental protection.

Added values... We continually try to exceed expectations. Leadership, personal challenge, innovation, performance, excellence, and creativity.

Professional values... We listen to customers and we behave with transparency, openness and honesty. Customer service, transparency, commitment and communication.

At Agropur, human values flow from the source. The Cooperative has remained true to its origins and dairy vocation. Its special connection with the land, through its 3,288 members, keeps it in sync with nature and allows it to sound out the regions on a daily basis.

And even though its activities now extend from coast to coast, as well as overseas, the organization continues to make it a duty and honour to treat its customers well. Its presence, visibility and accessibility via some fourty workplaces, including 25 plants, put it at the heart of the action. Indeed, the Cooperative's sales volume of more than three billion dollars is an engine of economic growth.

The total quality concept that underlies the organization's management translates into a commitment towards consumers, employees and members.

CUSTOMERS: committed to meeting their needs, most notably through the development of information systems and new products.

EMPLOYEES: respect for the individual, training and personal development, teamwork, preventive action, innovation, accountability, professionalism, excellence and community involvement.

MEMBERS: improving the outcomes of farmer-members.

The result

  • Reassuring presence in our environment
  • Constructive presence in the economy
  • Energetic presence in the community
  • Refreshing presence in your refrigerator