Social Responsibility

Agropur contributes to sustainable development at several levels to help improve the quality of life for everyone. The organization also adopts best practices in managing its activities, since it considers a healthy governance structure to be essential.

The employees

The employees are Agropur's main asset; as such, the organization advocates accountability and stands out for the importance it grants to a safe work environment and harmonious relationships conducive to personal development. The Cooperative is also committed to promoting a professional work environment that encourages teamwork, the type of environment in which all of its employees can develop, reach their full potential and contribute to Agropur's success.


Our employees' health and safety is our main concern, which is why we have promoted this concept for several years now. Each of the Cooperative's divisions incorporates an OHS component into its annual strategic planning process, and makes efforts to constantly improve on its results. Accordingly, each work site has its own OHS committee, which plays an essential role in preventing occupational accidents and works to achieve OHS objectives. Of course, these actions must be continued and ramped up in order to maintain and improve on this trend.


Almost 8,000 employees belong to the Agropur family, in which future perspectives and challenges are everyday realities. We provide for their training needs by allocating significant amounts of money to professional development. We encourage our employees to be fulfilled; as such, we offer development plans, succession plans and ongoing training.


At Agropur, the Recognition of Years of Service Program is a way for managers to thank employees for their commitment, dedication and loyalty to the Cooperative. Accordingly, each employee receives a gift for each five-year period of service. Employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 25 and 50 years of service are receiving a gift. Those marking over 40 years of service (in five-year periods) and those who retired during the past year are also invited to attend an evening gala.


Agropur looks out for the best interests of its employees by providing them with a stimulating work environment and by implementing various programs that enable them to excel professionally. Accordingly, Agropur offers all of its employees an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) for problems related to their work or personal life

Agropur contributes to sustainable development at several levels to help improve the quality of life for everyone. The organization also adopts best practices in managing its activities, since it considers a healthy governance structure to be essential.

The community

Agropur also takes an active interest in the residents of the communities in which it operates. The organization is involved in the economic and social development of several dozens of cities in which its work sites are located across North America, through its Donation and Sponsorship Program, its Annual Employee Fundraising Campaign, its involvement in the industry, and its international commitments.


Agropur is annually allocating large amounts of money to its Donation and Sponsorship Program. In addition to numerous one time sponsorships, Agropur makes many donations to organizations in a variety of different sectors, including the food sector, namely the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec1, the Breakfast Clubs of Canada, the Fondation OLO2, and several food banks across Canada. It also grants scholarships to various teaching establishments, in order to support succession.


Agropur also encourages its employees to get involved in their communities. As part of the Fundraising Campaign, employees can choose a favourite charity and organize fundraising activities across Canada and the United States. The Cooperative then matches each dollar raised by its employees.


For several years now, by way of its status as the largest dairy cooperative in Canada, Agropur has been highly involved in the Canadian dairy industry and has carved out a niche in the U.S. dairy industry. In fact, the organization's managers are very active in the dairy community, sitting on several boards of directors, including those of Novalait, the Conseil de la transformation agroalimentaire et des produits de consommation3 (CTAC), the Dairy Processors Association of Canada (DPAC), and the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA), to name just a few.


SOCODEVI3 was created in 1985, with the mission to support the cooperative movement in several sectors of the economy, specifically agrifood. Agropur has been a partner of SOCODEVI since the inception of this organization, and has participated in several missions over the years to Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Most notably, the Cooperative was involved since 2008 in a mission in Ukraine, whose objective was to increase productivity on dairy farms and promote the cooperative formula in this part of the world.

1 Quebec Breakfast Club
2 Provides future mothers in financial difficulty with nutritious basic food and vitamin supplements
3 A network of cooperatives for international development

The environment

Conscious of the need to protect our natural resources, Agropur has been gradually adopting environmentally sound practices for many years now. A number of projects are underway at all levels of the organization; including initiatives related to recycling, air quality and energy efficiency. The regulatory requirements of the current environmental standards tend to change quickly, exerting enormous pressure on the entire organization. However, a number of initiatives are proposed in addition to these obligations.


To minimize the Cooperative's environmental footprint in Canada and the United States, and to enhance initiatives in this regard, three committees were created by Agropur management, including the Environmental Committee (EC), the Environmental Steering Committee (ESC) and the Environmental Coordination Committee (ECC). These committees are responsible for environmental actions at all Agropur work sites. The Environmental Committee guides and determines the Cooperative's environmental policy and its framework. The Environmental Coordination Committee determines the corporate environmental policy and the business units’ respective environmental procedures, which are pre-approved by the Environmental Steering Committee.


When it comes to the environment, every little gesture counts; through their desire to reduce the organization's environmental footprint, Agropur employees have become an engine for change by organizing initiatives at the local level.

The members

Agropur members enjoy a rich associative life. The spirit of cooperation is manifested by sustained communication between the members and their directors at various events, such as the Annual General Meeting, the regional meetings, the summer facilitators' meeting, and various meetings of members and facilitators. The members are also kept informed of the activities and the results of their cooperative through a number of communication channels, including the quarterly report, the annual report, and the internal newsletter, Intercom. These tools and events promote discussion while enabling the Cooperative's owners to keep tabs on developments within their organization.

The 3,345 Agropur members, who are joint owners of their cooperative, also receive patronage dividends. In the last five years alone, these dividends have amounted to more than $500 million, representing a significant injection of funds in all regions and communities where members are present.

Agropur ranks among the generous organizations in the business community by annually allocating large amounts of money to its Donation and Sponsorship Program. To submit a sponsorship or donation request, click here:

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