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Community Involvement

We have strong roots in many communities across North America. And because the values of mutual aid and solidarity are part of our DNA, we support many worthwhile causes.

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Values ​​of Mutual Help and Solidarity

Agropur has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, but that has not changed our core values of mutual aid and solidarity.

We give back to the community through donations and sponsorships equivalent to 1% of our earnings before patronage dividends and income taxes every year. We’re especially committed to groups working to support children and families, and to helping develop the next generation of agri-food professionals.

As a food and beverage manufacturer, we know the importance of food in everyone’s lives. We also understand that so many people, especially children, do not have access to nutritious food on a regular basis, which is essential for health and happiness. Agropur supports our industry and communities by donating to non-profit organizations that feed families, support our youth, and educate our future dairy and agriculture leaders. 

Because we believe in maintaining close ties with the groups we support, and the  Agropur favours long-term projects. A few organization we partner with include:

  • University of Wisconsin
  • University of South Dakota

Another way Agropur gives back is by fostering our employee’s community engagement. We encourage Canadian and U.S. employees to choose a cause dear to their hearts and organize fundraising activities. The organization matches employee donations dollar-for-dollar.