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iögo celebrates its 5th birthday!

iÖGO 5 ans

The iögo brand launched in 2012 has reinvigorated a Canadian yogurt market previously dominated by the big guys.

This year, our Ultima Foods joint venture is marking the iögo yogurt brand's 5th anniversary.

Always changing

  • 2012: iögo hits the market
  • 2013: Focus on building the brand and establishing an emotional connection with consumers
  • 2014: Focus on products for kids
  • 2015: iögo nanö in a pouch, smoothies in the 1L size and iögo Protein (1L size) introduced
  • 2016: Fruit-and-vegetable combo flavours introduced for iögo nanö in a pouch and in a cupNew visuals on the packaging for the entire brand and new creative for the advertising campaign
  • 2017: Green smoothie and iögo Protein in a cup launched

Hats off to our colleagues for their boldness and passion!

Source: Diane Jubinville, Communications Manager, Ultima Foods