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6 winning products at the British Empire Show!

Agropur stood out at the 91st British Empire Show edition which was held last November 1st in Belleville, Ontario. Agropur has won top honours with 6 winning products and is very proud to have received the Honour’s mention in the Cheddar cheese category. Indeed, we have been crowned Grand Champion 2018 in this category


Cheddar cheese


1st place : All Agropur Cheddars Special prize - Grand champion Cheddar 2018


1st place : Mild Cheddar Medium Cheddar 3 to 6 months


2nd place : Agropur Grand Cheddar 3 years

British Empire Show



2nd place : OKA L'Artisan Swiss type cheese


3rd place : OKA L'Artisan Smoked Swiss type cheese


3rd place : OKA with mushrooms Flavoured firm cheese

British Empire Show