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Robert Coallier at B7 business summit


Agropur was pleased to be part of the B7 business summit held from July 3 to 5 in Aix-en-Provence, France on the theme “Inclusive economic growth and governance for the 21st century.”

Our CEO, Robert Coallier, spoke at a panel on international trade and investment. He discussed our Cooperative’s unique business model and the importance reducing inequality in connection with international trade.

“We stressed the need for fair trade that reflects each country’s economic realities and diverse business models, and the need to promote sustainable development,” Robert Coallier says.


Four major issues

This year, the discussions at the B7 revolved around four major themes:

  • International trade and investment
  • Climate and biodiversity
  • The digital transition and cybersecurity
  • Reducing inequality and the need for new global governance

The B7, short for Business 7, includes the main business federations of the G7 countries and makes recommendations on global issues that impact business and international trade. Agropur was there as one of the participating Canadian businesses, at the invitation of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

The B7 is the official business side of the G7. Its 2019 summit was held under the presidency of France’s business federation, the Mouvement des entreprises de France (MEDEF).