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We are a cooperative

We are proud of our business model and the way it helps share the wealth. In a world that is questioning established economic models, we hold high the torch of a modern, ambitious form of cooperation.

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Our members

Agropur is owned by its members: over 2,974 dairy farmers who have decided to join forces in order to take control of their own future and process the products of their labours. At Agropur, every member gets one vote, regardless of the size of his or her farm.

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Our employees

Our employees are an essential ingredient in our success. We’re looking for committed people who are ready to work hard for the cause of better milk and a better world. In return, we offer a stimulating work environment where they can develop and apply their talents.

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Our history

Our business consists in turning milk into the products you put on your family’s table: yogurt, cheese, butter and cream. We’ve been doing it since 1938, and we’re now one of the largest dairy-processors in the world. Read about our history and the values that guide us.

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Our logo

The Agropur logo has undergone many changes over the years, from the three-leaf clover design of the 1940s to the four stylized milk drops you see today. This short history will give you an overview of the permutations our logo has undergone since our Cooperative was founded in 1938.

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Our suppliers

We and our suppliers have shared goals: creating innovative solutions and offering high-quality dairy products.

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