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Our employees

The talents of our employees are our most important ingredient. We’re looking for committed people who are ready to work hard for the cause of better milk and a better world. In return, we offer a stimulating work environment where they can develop and apply their talents.

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See the road that milk – a locally produced, minimally processed food – travels at our Cooperative

Danny Martineau

Danny Martineau has been a bulk milk grader at Agropur for more than 18 years. Trucking is his passion. He drives from farm to farm to pick up milk from proud dairy producers and transport it to the Cooperative’s processing plants. In the course of his daily work, he learns about the secrets of dairy farming from the veteran farmers he meets.

Danny says the way farmers and Agropur employees work together is the foundation of the Cooperative’s success: “We’re all links in the chain and I’m proud to be part of a Cooperative that’s always moving forward and always wants to innovate.”

Watch the video to find out how Danny helps make better dairy and build a better world.  


Profile of a dedicated butter maker: Using his craft to help build a better world

Alain Gagné, veteran butter maker, has been with Agropur for 34 years, making superior-quality butter for the Cooperative day after day. He knows the importance of mutual support and knowledge-sharing in order to turn out better butter at the Beauceville plant. 

In addition to making a product consumers appreciate, Alain Gagné takes pride in being part of an organization based on cooperative principles. “The money is distributed to the farmers, who live in rural communities,” he says. “They reinvest the money they make.”

Watch the video to see how Alain helps make the products consumers love every day.  

Alain Gagné


Blending mechanical skill and passion to make better milk

Alexandre Rousseau

Alexandre Rousseau has been an electromechanical technician at the Beauceville plant for a year. It’s a trade that’s in high demand in today’s tight labour market. He makes sure the equipment we need in order to keep our “Better Dairy. Better World” promise is in good working order.

Watch this video about his challenge-filled daily work.


At Agropur, we are all employees, as our farmer members are the owners.

Employés d'usine / Plant employees

And we know that our employees’ talents are our most important ingredient.

All of our 8,376 employees in Canada and the United States are engaged in the same mission: contributing to the Cooperative’s success by offering a wide range of dairy products and strong brands that satisfy the demands of our customers and consumers. Our employees proudly produce healthy, authentic products whose excellence is continuously enhanced through the process of innovation.

Our objective is clear: We want to attract and retain the best talent.

Our employees are the most important ingredient in our recipe for success. We offer them a stimulating work environment that lets them develop to their full potential, whether at the Cooperative’s head office or at our 35 processing and distribution facilities across North America. Our strength is the diversity of our talented work force, which combines young employees with seasoned hands.

Choosing to work at Agropur means:

  • Choosing a meaningful future: Our organization is a leader in its industry and is growing rapidly. Agropur offers long-term jobs with opportunities for advancement. We have many employees who have been working for us for over 30 years. That’s because we provide our employees with continuing training along with development and succession plans based on performance and potential. At Agropur, our employees grow along with our organization.

  • Setting yourself challenges commensurate with your talents: Our organizational culture, values and management style have made us a financially sound, forward-looking business. We are an industry leader. Our growth is steady, healthy and aimed at the long term, which lets us offer you a work environment where you can develop your talents. We are one of the largest dairy processors in the world. To remain a significant player, we test our limits every day.

As an employer of choice, we take care of our employees and offer them attractive salaries along with a wide range of benefits. Choosing Agropur means making a great life choice!

If you have the talent, we have the opportunities! To see our current openings, please visit the Careers section of this website.