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Our promise

We will bring out the best in milk, a noble product with extraordinary potential, and in every step of doing so, we will also take concrete measures to make the world a better place.

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Agropur markets products of the highest quality. All Agropur products meet the strictest standards, and all our plants are Safe Quality Food certified.

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We serve the interests not only of our members but of the entire community. Because we care deeply about the future of the dairy industry, we assume a leadership role in the industry and make our voice heard.

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Social responsibility

In our business, we incorporate practices that improve the future of the Earth and all the animals and people who live on it.

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Community involvement

We have strong roots in many communities across North America. And because the values of mutual aid and solidarity are part of our DNA, we support many worthwhile causes. Learn more about them here.

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Engagement communauté


We apply best practices in sustainable development and carry out numerous environmental initiatives, including steps to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions and reuse our waste materials.

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Animal welfare

We are committed to providing dairy products made with top-quality milk from cows that are well treated.

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