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Annual Report 2018

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Better Dairy. Better World.

Agropur, one of North America's largest dairy processing cooperatives, is proud of its distinctive business model, one that lets it help share the wealth everywhere it operates.


The Cooperative’s sales continued to grow in 2018, rising to a record $6.7 billion.

Earnings from Operations

Earnings from operations amounted to $362.1 million.

Net Earnings

Net earnings of $67.7 million in 2018

Patronage Dividends

Excluding the first preferred shares, members’ equity stood at more than $1.5 billion, up $47.8 million from 2017.

Members’ Equity

Excluding the first preferred shares, members’ equity stood at $1,537.8. 

Milk Processed

More than 6.2 billion litres of milk were processed at our plants in 2018, a 2.7% increase from the previous year.

Message from the President

For 80 years, Agropur members have successfully combined solidarity and profitability, weaving them into the indissociable elements of our sustainability.

- René Moreau

Message from the CEO

We remain confident that the moves we have made in recent years will accelerate our growth going forward.

- Robert Coallier


             Our brands

Market leader, Natrel innovates

Market leader, Natrel innovates

125 years of history

125 years of history

The preferred brand of millennials

The preferred brand of millennials



Download the 2018 annual report

Download the complete annual report to capture the scope of our achievements in 2018.