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IÖGO nanö innovates by adding vegetables to yogurt

iÖGO nanö

Who says yogurt mixes only with fruit?

For the first time in Canada, IÖGO is introducing vegetable-flavoured yogurt. The new IÖGO nanö yogurts incorporating real fruit and vegetable purée reflect IÖGO's commitment to innovation and wider consumer choice. They are sure to please kids, moms and dads alike.

The vegetable flavours, which include banana-squash, blueberry-beet and peach-carrot, hit the shelves just in time for back-to-school. They join nanö's traditional flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, blueberry and banana. Apple-cherry and beet becomes the new flagship of the nanö-in-a-pouch line.

The new flavours will be available in cups (6 x 60 g) and pouches (4 x 90g). For the drinkable and tube formats, the flavours remain unchanged.

The wide selection of drinkable yogurt and yogurt in pouches, cups and tubes makes IÖGO nanö the ideal lunchbox choice: it's nutritional, fun and practical!

New visual identity

To create a clear, distinctive brand identity, nanö packaging has been given a makeover. All products for kids have now been brought together under the nanö name and sport predominantly red labels that make them easy to pick out on the shelf.