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Agropur congratulates IRECUS on its 40th anniversary


On September 9, the Institut de recherche et d’éducation pour les coopératives et les mutuelles de l’Université de Sherbrooke (University of Sherbrooke research and education institute for cooperatives and mutuals – IRECUS) celebrated the 40th anniversary of it founding.

In her opening remarks, Lorraine Bédard, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs, Member Relations and Corporate Secretary of Agropur and chair of the IRECUS steering committee, underscored the important contribution IRECUS has made. Its mission is to support reflection at cooperatives and mutuals, provide them with decision support, and help them go further in their pursuit of the founding ideas of cooperation and mutuality.

In this video, IRECUS Executive Director Claude-André Guillotte talks about what the institute does. (in French only)

or more about IRECUS' accomplishments and it 40th birthday, see the article in the winter issue of Intercom.