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Our line of lactose free products evolve!

Natrel sans lactose

Already having a product appreciated by lactose intolerant consumers, Natrel took the time to deeper evaluate the needs of this segment. Following this evaluation, it has encouraged us to enhance the product, so it can better fit their needs while respecting our goal to offer the good taste of fresh milk without the discomforts.

The evolution of our line of lactose free products is explained by an enhancement of our product for the purposes of putting forward the protein aspect that already exists in our actual products. The product will pass from 12g to 13g of protein, meaning 44% more proteins than regular milks. (With the exception of the chocolate milk rising from 10g to 12g of proteins).

Hence, the name of the 13 products concerned changes for "Dairy Product" (made with lactose free ultrafiltered milk), perfectly reflecting the product nature, while offering more flexibility in terms of innovation.

Effective during the week of November 7th, you will start finding in store Natrel lactose free products containing more proteins.