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Whether you are partial to Camembert, Brie, Havarti or Cheddar, ANCO fine cheeses offer something for every palate. And our Gouda and Swiss cheeses are lactose-free.

The Gouda’s creamy almond flavour and the Havarti’s buttery aroma and mild hazelnut flavour make them popular favourites.


ANCO Havarti and Mild Gouda both won bronze at the 2015 British Empire Cheese Show (in the Semi-Firm and Firm Cheese categories).

ANCO fine cheeses afford a perfect opportunity to try out new experiences and surprise your guests. Simple, festive and ideal for any occasion, ANCO offers Canadians delicious local cheeses at an affordable price.

Take your cue from the wide selection of ANCO fine cheeses and savour your success at the art of entertaining!

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