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OKA cheese was created in 1893 by Brother Alphonse Juin, a master cheesemaker who had joined the Trappist community in Deux-Montagnes. OKA soon became known for its unique aroma and unforgettable taste.


OKA L’Artisan and OKA Frère Alphonse both won awards in the 2017 Sélection Caseus cheese competition.

125 years later, OKA bears a rich cultural legacy that distinguishes it among Canadian cheeses. It is a jewel in our collective heritage, a tangible expression of how ancestral skill is passed down from generation to generation. To this day, Agropur’s master cheesemakers make OKA according to the original recipe and age it in the cellars at the Oka cheese plant.

Respect for tradition is one of the key ingredients in our quest to make OKA Canada’s signature fine cheese.

In 2018, join us in celebrating OKA’s 125th birthday. The OKA brand is a source of great pride for Agropur and a favourite with consumers.


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Awards and distinctions 2016

OKA L’Artisan | 1st place

British Empire Cheese Show 2016, Firm cheese

OKA L’Artisan Smoke | 1st place

British Empire Cheese Show 2016, Firm cheese flavored

OKA L’Artisan | 1st place

Canadian Cheese Awards 2016, Firm cheese with holes

OKA L’Artisan

Caseus Selection, Quebec Fine cheese contest 2016, Interior-ripened cheese with ripening holes (any type of milk, any size company)

Regular OKA

Caseus Selection, Quebec Fine cheese contest 2016, Semi-soft cheese with a washed, mixed or natural rind

OKA Portion packs

CTAQ, 2016, Jury's favorite