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Tom Blauert

Over 38 years of Cheesemaking Experience – 1st Generation Cheesemaker

Certified in Mozzarella & Low Fat Mozzarella


Involved in mozzarella production for more than 38 years, Tom takes great pride in cheesemaking. He started at a small dairy near the Brillion area where he was taught a very traditional way of making mozzarella. It was very hands on and labor intensive. This process gave him a good understanding on the principles of cheesemaking that he’s ultimately carried throughout his career.  Tom has held many positions but has always enjoyed being hands and teaching the next generation of cheesemakers the art of cheesemaking. His Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker certifications in both mozzarella and low-fat mozzarella give him the distinction of being one of the state’s best. For Tom, innovation is the name of the game, and he plans to continue elevating the state of cheese in Wisconsin.