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Capstone® Anti-Caking Agents

Capstone® anti-caking agents are specially formulated for affordability, efficiency, and longer shelf life in shredded cheese. Ongoing cultivation of the line has allowed our Capstone® experts to continue to provide you with the cheese industry gold standard — the highest quality, most customized anti-caking agents on the market.

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  • Shredded cheese
  • Cubed cheese
  • High moisture crumbled cheese

Protect the quality and functionality of your high moisture shredded, cubed, crumbled, or uniquely formatted cheese. Capstone’s® performance is unparalleled! Our anti-caking agents provide a barrier to safeguard the integrity of cheese particles, inhibit mold, and prevent clumping while maintaining overall cheese taste, aesthetics, and consumer appeal. We customize our formulations to meet your exact cheese application needs. 

Capstone® anti-caking agents are highly functional ingredients that help play a vital role in mitigating the high cost and price variability of key ingredients. State-of-the-art ingredients technologies assure product integrity and quality.


  • Custom-tailored to suit your application, packaging or environmental requirements
  • Higher density for efficient throughput, with minimal dust
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Inhibits mold
  • Oxygen scavenging properties to extend shelf life
  • Available in organic
  • No clumping
  • No powdery film (grit) on cheese or package bottom

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