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Animal Welfare

We are committed to providing wholesome dairy products made with top-quality milk from well-treated cows.

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Well-Treated Cows Produce Quality Milk

Agropur and our producers believe that at every stage of their lives, dairy cattle must be properly cared for so they stay healthy, comfortable and safe.

animal welfare

In our Animal Welfare Statement, we set out the following guidelines:

  • Agropur has zero tolerance for mistreatment and cruelty toward animals.
  • Agropur expects the people who look after the cattle to use appropriate methods of caring for and handling.
  • In addition to supporting industry initiatives to improve animal welfare, Agropur promotes compliance with suitable animal-welfare standards by its members in Canada and its suppliers in the United States. 

See our Animal Welfare Statement.

For more information on standards and existing programs:

  • Canada: National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC)
  • Canada: proAction national mandatory certification program
  • United States: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM)