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PZ™ Dough Conditioners

PZ™ dough conditioners make your pizza dough easier to work without sacrificing flavor, quality, or consistency. Our simple, yet effective ingredient blend makes your dough easier to work with, without affecting the original taste of your formula. PZ-44® is a tool every pizzeria should have in their back pocket — according to the World Pizza Champions who have been endorsing PZ for years as the life-saving answer to "emergency dough". PZ™ helps to ensure you have pies to deliver to your customers that meet your high-quality standards, even when things go wrong. Creating a highly extensible dough, PZ™ is the perfect pairing for hand-tossed or sheeted pizzas, curated at traditional pizzerias, ready-to-bake convenience stores, fast-casual pizza operations, or even for frozen manufacturers.

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  • Pizza crusts (refrigerated or frozen)
    • Thick
    • Thin
    • Wheat
  • Tortillas
    • Regular
    • Wheat

Agropur Ingredients makes your job easier by making your dough easier to work with. PZ™ dough conditioners reduce snapback and buckiness while cutting back on dough relaxation time requirements.

PZ-44® and PZ-42™ are easy to use and adapt to your recipe! They feature simple ingredients and utilize unbeatable fresh dairy products.


Helpful Tips for Using PZ™ Products:

  • Use existing pizza or tortilla dough recipe
  • Scale PZ into mixer with flour before adding water
  • Typical PZ usage level is 2% flour weight
  • Up to 30% less mixing time required, do not over mix
  • If dough is tough, elastic, or shrinks at 2% usage level, increase PZ
  • If dough is too soft or sticky at 2% usage level, decrease PZ
  • If adjusting usage level, increase or decrease in 0.25% increments

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