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Carbohydrate based ingredients with lactose content higher than 70%.

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Buttermilk Powder

Agropur’s Crino® buttermilk fits into a wide range of applications including bakery products, beverages, dry mixes, snack foods, and confections. Buttermilk powder is made by removing water from liquid buttermilk. Dry buttermilk is a light cream color with a clean, natural flavor. 

Removing moisture from buttermilk curbs microbial growth and delivers a shelf life of six to nine months. Replacing fluid buttermilk with buttermilk powder makes transportation and storage easy.

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Deproteinized Whey

Crino® deproteinized whey (aka permeate or dairy product solids) is our high lactose content (min 76%) functional ingredient derived from the crystallization of sweet dairy whey. Originating from fresh USA dairy milk, Crino® deproteinized whey is a clean label and versatile co-product of the dairy production process, making it an easily integrated and consumer accepted addition to ingredient panels. With similar flavor enhancement effects similar to sodium and sensory properties akin to sweet dairy whey, Crino® deproteinized whey can be the cost-effective dairy solid replacement solution you’ve been looking for.

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Crino® lactose is produced by crystallizing lactose from fresh sweet whey and then drying. The product may then be ground to various particle sizes. Agropur’s Crino® lactose is a versatile ingredient and delivers product value in a variety of applications, from browning in baked goods, to a carrier for flavors and colors and sweetness. Crino® lactose can also be used as a standardizing agent.

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Crino® permeate is the co-product of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate production. Adding permeate to your food and beverage applications can contribute to the functionality, nutritional benefits, and add a well-balanced, neutral taste. 

Agropur’s Crino® permeate emerged as a cost-effective ingredient for added browning and flavor in baked goods. Now researchers have discovered the salty characteristics of permeate make it ideal to replace salt in formulations.

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Premium Deproteinized Whey

Crino® premium deproteinized whey (PDPW) is a light-colored, free-flowing powder. Crino® PDPW is manufactured from fresh sweet whey under controlled processing conditions.

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Refined Edible Lactose

Crino® refined edible lactose is a versatile coproduct of cheese and whey production formed by concentration, crystallization, refining, and drying of whey permeate. The lactose crystals are ground into a fine powder or go through further processing to manufacture lactose derivatives.

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Skim Milk Powder

Crino® skim milk powder is the result of removing moisture from pasteurized nonfat milk, which is then spray-dried. The resulting powder contains not more than 1.5% milkfat and is a versatile and important ingredient in many food formulations. Spray drying requires less intensive heating and creates a product that is more soluble when reconstituted in cold liquids. Spray-dried Crino® skim milk powder is available in two forms, ordinary (non-agglomerated) and instant (agglomerated). Ordinary skim milk powder can gather on a liquid’s surface when reconstituted. Instant Crino® skim milk powder incorporates more air into particles, improving solubility during reconstitution.

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Sweet Dairy Whey

Crino® sweet dairy whey comes from the drying of fresh, pasteurized whey, a coproduct of cheese making. Crino® sweet dairy whey is a source of lactose, protein, vitamins, and minerals as well as a small amount of fat.

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