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Reddi-Sponge® Dough Developer

A classic, Reddi-Sponge® dough developers reduce mix time and relax dough. To the delight of your customers, Reddi-Sponge helps to impart noticeable texture and volume improvements to a wide variety of fresh and frozen yeast-raised baked goods. Operationally, Reddi-Sponge dough conditioner can provide you the ability to reduce your mixing time by up to 40%, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying and growing your business and less time on the steps getting you there. 

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  • Frozen doughs
  • Bread (wide variety)
  • Rolls
  • Sweet yeast doughs
  • Specialties (croissants, bagels, pita, yeast raised donuts)

Agropur Ingredients’ knowledge of bakery technology makes our Reddi-sponge® dough developer line compatible with your favorite dough recipe. Reddi-Sponge® contributes milk solids for enhanced flavor, color, and extended shelf-life. The variety of formulations we offer (Reddi Sponge C (non-bromate), Reddi Sponge P (non-dairy)) allows your dough to be exactly what you dreamed and cater to your customer base.


  • Reduce mix time
  • Eliminate the need for fermentation
  • Relaxes dough
  • Enhances flavor
  • Extends shelf life
  • Improves machinability

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