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Sports Nutrition

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of Whey Protein concentrates, isolates, and fractions, we at Agropur work tirelessly to ensure athletes of all shapes and forms have accessibility to the nutritional components for their unique body composition and fitness requirements. Backed by science, designed with performance, recovery, convenience, and appeal in mind, Agropur’s Sports Nutrition proteins and ingredients are manufactured with complete transparency and are certified XYZ. Our Innovation Lab is constantly innovating and working towards new applications in popular and emerging sports nutrition categories such instant, RTD, bars, food, or tablets bringing new product launch possibilities in reach for you, our customers.


  • Functional proteins
  • Dairy ingredients

Products & Benefits

  • ISO Chill® 9000 & 9010: Provides protein fortification, solubility, and emulsification, fat-free value-added protein ingredient
  • BiPRO® 9500 / BioZate® hydrolyzed whey protein isolates: provides superior nutrition, fully soluble, high-quality, complete protein, enhanced functionality, and neutral flavor.